Moving? Renovating? New Baby? Allergies? Guests Arriving?
It’s always a great time for cleaning and a fresh start!

Good Boys Duct Cleaning has been proudly providing quality cleaning services to Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas.

We have built a name for ourselves in the communities we serve for excellent cleaning of air ducts. Our main services for residential, commercial and industrial customers is air duct cleaning. This is a very important service to keep your ventilation systems running smoothly and keeping your environment dust and allergen free.

Good Boys Duct Cleaning has a long history of guaranteed high-quality work. We do not solicit by telephone and we are always respectful of your home or workplace. The customer service and satisfaction levels provided by Good Boys Duct Cleaning are second to none.

With our patented cleaning technology, we will clean your air ducts, eliminating all lingering dirt and dust. Breathe easy knowing your home is clean and dust-free!

We welcome you to contact us Good Boys Duct Cleaning today to get your fresh start!