Asphalt and Interlock Sealing

At Good Boys Asphalt & Interlock Sealing, we know your asphalt or interlocking is a big investment. That’s why we stress the importance of seal coating your pavement to protect and maintain the life of your driveway. Seal coating helps protect the surface of your pavement from weathering factors such as oxidation from the sun, damage from petroleum products such as gas, oil, and anti-freeze; and will help prevent intrusion of moisture caused by rain and snow and the adverse effects on pavement caused by freeze-thaw cycles. All of these things deteriorate asphalt and greatly diminish its beauty and life.

At Good Boys Asphalt & Interlock Sealing, we’ll devise a plan of preventative maintenance which includes filling the cracks and crevices that develop over time. We will then advise you on how often we suggest you sealcoat your pavement for adequate protection. By seal coating routinely when needed, you can save significantly on repairs and resurfacing costs and greatly extend the life of your investment.

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